27 Apr

Poste Italiane, Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting, Rome 27 April 2017

Micromegas organized the Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting of Poste Italiane SpA The event, held on 27 April at Palazzo dei Congressi, brought together the Group's shareholders under the chairmanship of Luisa Todini for the approval of the 2016 financial statements and the Appointment of the new Board of Directors with Maria Bianca Farina as the new Chairman.
06 Jul

Ania, Annual Meeting, Auditorium della Conciliazione, Rome, 5 July 2016

Micromegas organized the 2016 Annual Meeting of Ania - National Association of Insurance Companies, which took place at the Auditorium Conciliazione in Rome. During the event, following the report presented by the President Maria Bianca Farina, was held a debate moderated by Enrico Mentana in which intervened (besides the President Farina), the Minister of Economy and Finance Pier Carlo Padoan, the Minister of Economic Development Carlo Calenda, the General Manager of the Bank of Italy and the President IVASS Salvatore Rossi. During the meeting were presented the results for the year 2015, that for the insurance industry has been a very successful year: "The Italian insurance industry continues to demonstrate high stability" said Farina. Carlo Calenda has also asserted that "Only the culture of legality, on the part of the insured, and transparency, on the part of insurance, can bring back confidence, because the market is made of supply and demand and the State can not impose decisions." The event was filmed by RaiNews, Class CNBC, Sky and other broadcasters.
01 Jun

Kuwait Oil Company, EAGE/Conference & Exhibition 2016, Vienna, 30 May– 2 June 2016

It's taking place these days, in Wien, the 78th edition of EAGE - Conference & Exhibition 2016, the largest and most comprehensive multi-disciplinary geoscience event in the world. The program aims to provide a broad spectrum of knowledge in Geophysics, Geology, Reservoir / Petroleum Engineering and Near Surface, among other relevant fields of study. Micromegas has been responsible of the preparation of the stand on behalf of the costumer Kuwait Oil Company and is supporting the organization during the exhibition days.
25 May

E-Commerce Forum, MiCo, Milan, 18-19 May 2016

Sponsored by Consorzio Netcomm and now at its 11th edition, E-Commerce Forum allows to investigate the dynamics of the whole online shopping industry, offering rich insights thanks to the involvement of guests and speakers. All this is a perfect blend, an opportunity for networking and aggregation for all the professionals involved.
11 May

MBDA, Santiago Chile, from 29 March to 3 April 2016

From March 29th to April 4th in Santiago, Chile, took place the 19th edition of FIDAE, a huge international exhibition of Aerospace & Defense. The first days were dedicated exclusively to guests working in the sector, while the last 2 days fair was open to the public and there were over 30,000 visitors per day. According to data notified by the organizers, there were 56 countries. Micromegas took care of the bodywork for the customer stand MBDA and provided an on -site support for the entire duration of the event.
micromegas promotore della quarta edizione del roma web fest, il primo festival italiano internazionale delle web serie. organizzazione e allestimento.
12 Apr

Start the partnership between Micromegas and Roma Web Fest, 12 April 2016

Micromegas, leading operator in the field of multichannel communication, invests in new technologies exploring new methods and distribution channels through the partnership with Roma Web Fest (RWF), becoming the main promoter of the festival. Micromegas decides to invest in young talents (Millennials) and in a new visual communication. At the base of the research of this 2016, a particular attention is paid to creative content, aiming to provide a more complete offer to its clients through an international network of authors, creative and influencers.
Dal 28 al 31 Marzo 2016 Micromegas è stata a “Defexpo”, a Nacquero Quitol, in India!
07 Apr

MBDA, Fiera Defexpo, Goa (India), 28 – 31 March 2016

From 28 to 31 March 2016, “Defexpo” was held in India. The international exhibition, dedicated to the world of defense, enjoyed the participation of 232 companies from the defense sector, representing 32 countries. The event, sponsored by the Indian Defense Ministry, was held in the region of Goa, precisely in Naqueri Quitol in the Quepem Taluka. Micromegas, service provider for MBDA, provided for the construction of the exhibition stands and the management of technical assistance and on-site supervision, thus ensuring operational support to the client during the various phases of work.
03 Feb

Kuwait Oil Company

Micromegas won the “Kuwait Oil Company - Booths at International Exhibition 2016/2019” international tender for development and supervision of all the fair activities of the Kuwait Oil Company in the three-year period from 2016 to 2019 in Europe, Asia and Australia.
27 Oct

IPO Poste Italiane

Micromegas organised two new events to mark the most important privatisation that took place in Italy in the past few years: 12 October | “Poste Italiane goes public – Meeting with financial analysts” 27 October | “1st day of trading”
22 Dec


MBDA-Missile Systems, the European leader in military technologies, selected Micromegas for setting up its exhibitions and trade fairs
25 Oct

Enel Green Solution in Tour

A 400 sq. m. home travelling throughout Italy: sustainability is finally leaving the realm of luxury, changing course and demonstrating that, when you least expect it, common sense can go again hand in hand with the future.
05 Dec


The successful Enel Roadshow 5.0 is ending in Rome today. Enel organised the tour to celebrate its 50th anniversary and communicate its commitments and projects for the future - where energy in all forms will increasingly be the key driver – to its stakeholders.