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Micromegas is a leading European independent operator in state of the art communications, offering value added services and interfaces to international customers and global enterprises for creating high quality content and innovative technology solutions for multichannel communication.

Ethical Code

Micromegas Bill of Values is the result of a long process which involved all company resources and led to the identification of a set of principles that guide and superintend the whole work activity.

The aim of this process is to give useful indications of behaviour in case of doubts and uncertainties that might occur during the work activities, providing the necessary elements in order to adopt responsible and transparent conducts. Micromegas intends to maintain an elevated reputation profile and, in order to avoid that individual actions generate behaviours not in line with this goal, it is necessary that all the people operating in the company share these principles and carry into effect consequent conducts.

The document settles general normative outlines; it gives a frame of values that can be followed during critical moments of one’s professional life and wants to be a reference point for complex and doubtful situations, setting free the expression of each professional subjectivity in the full respect of the individual freedom. Discipline, clearness, respect, helpfulness, trust and responsibility are the keywords that lead all the internal and external relations, the working processes, the strategic choices and the actions of everyone who works in and with Micromegas.

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ISO 9001 – ISO 20121

For years in the event management industry, Micromegas has a Quality Certification in accordance with ISO 9001. This internationally recognised certificate ensures the customer that the work is done scrupulously, in compliance with all of the relevant procedures and in line with worldwide
standards of quality and reliability.
The ISO 9001 certificate, as well as being a valid guarantee for the client, represents a constant and main purpose of Micromegas activity: always provide a service with high quality content.


In addition to the event management, Micromegas has created Micromegas Travel, a Business and Corporate Travel Management hub with high quality standards that aims to exclusivity and uniqueness. Micromegas Travel is an IATA accredited agency active worldwide thanks to qualified partners and carefully selected structures and sector-specific services.