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Sustainable Quality

We like to think of ourselves as a company that represents a sustainable society, in which it is possible to grow, while respecting natural resources and creating wealth in a fair and equal manner, giving the due respect to people, to future generations and to the environment.


Already in 1999, we have been certified according to the ISO 9001 standard, but we have decided to reinforce our company’s commitment by integrating our managing System for Quality according to the principles and norms of the ISO 20121:2012, the international standard that specifies the prerequisites for a sustainable managing events system.


Micromegas was a pioneer amongst Italian agencies, we have obtained such a certification in 2018 to then confirm our commitment in 2019 and we have all intentions to continue in this direction for the coming years.


Innova QSA consulting company is our partner in this journey and the Bureau Veritas Italia Spa, accredited by Accredia, is guarantor for the certificates..


The ISO 20121:2012 certification, represents an important growth milestone for our company, because not only we make our work available for clients who trust us, but also for the entire community, for the environment and present and future generations.


Environmental, economic and social sustainability is the objective and the principle that guides, summarizes and contains all the other declared notions in our Ethic Code.

To Communicate is our mission and events are the privileged moment to do so.


Events have the power to show sustainability in action and can have an impact to inspire others, guiding them by setting the example.