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Vacay is the new company of Micromegas Group, for the management of tourist services, holidays, accommodation, leisure and electric mobility.

Its target is the Italian medium and high-end accommodation providers’ market of all the best areas of the country. It promotes a new concept of hospitality, based on professionalism, dynamism, sustainability and respect for the environment. Its offer includes also a wide range of private housing solutions for stays in the most beautiful Italian cities. Thanks to Vacay’s short-term housing offers, guided tours, vessel rental opportunities or personalized services, you will be able to have new and unforgettable experience.

Vacay has chosen to focus on electric mobility and, for this reason, it offers E-Mobility rental solutions, which allow all users to move anywhere in a sustainable and environmental friendly way. Our services target all types of customers and consist of electric cars and e-bikes in order to get around the city alone or with the family, run in extra-urban trails or simply walk around the city. Vacay is, therefore, synonymous with a modern, technologically advanced and original choice.

Vacay is not only meant for tourists but also for homeowners. We can help you rent out your house on advantageous terms. Find out more: