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Aeronautica Militare, 2018 Calendar Presentation, Rome, 5 december 2017

On December 5 at the Air Force Building the Chief of the General Staff of the Air Force, General Enzo Vecciarelli welcomed the Chief of Defense Staff, General Claudio Graziano and the Undersecretary of Defense Domenico Rossi to present the 2018 Aeronautics calendar from the title “A single, large flock in flight at the service of the country”, a collection of 48 photographs that tell the stories of men and women of the blue army.

For the occasion, Micromegas has designed the lighting and video projection system for the external wall of the building. He managed the scenographic and technical set-up at the “Sala della Madonna di Loreto”, located inside the Palace and was also responsible for the direction of the event, video and editing of backstage and graphic direction.