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Auxilia Finance. ‘Celebration’ for the tenth year of activity. Rome, March 5, 2021

On 5 March 2021 Micromegas organized  the Auxilia Finance SpA online convention to celebrate the first 10 of 
activities. At the center of the meeting conducted by La7 journalist Andrea Pancani, the company results and goals 
achieved in 2020 and future strategies.
Among the speakers, in addition to the founder Paolo Righi, the president Flavio Miglioli, the general manager Roberto
Bassani, the co-general manager Alessandro Bonucci, the FIAIP national president Gian Battista Baccarini, also Marco 
Tarantola Deputy General Manager BNL Gruppo BNP Paribas.
The event was managed directly by Micromegas Studios, just completed within the headquarters in Via Flaminia 999, 
which made it possible to host part of the speakers in attendance.
For the live streaming, the Micromegas technical team took care of the creation of the graphics and motion design 
elements, the technical and connection tests of the speakers (both in presence and remotely) and the broadcasting of
the various contributions.