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Belt and Road Exhibition 2021 – Digital Edition. Rome, April 14, 2021

Micromegas Comunicazione organizes the 'Belt and Road Exhibition 2021 - Digital Edition' from 12 to 15 April 2021.
The round table on Lifestyle introduced by the Director of Beijing ITA Agency Gianpaolo Bruno starts the third day
 of the Belt and Road Exhibition.
The moderated meeting of the Sole 24 Ore journalist Rita Fatigusto saw the participation of various personalities 
including the President Chic Investment, Helen Tu, the Director of "Toscana Promozione Turistica", Francesco Palumbo,
 the Head of the Consobn Consumer Protection Office, Enea Franza , the Associate Partner China Desk - Tax & Law 
Department EY, Alessia Pastori, the President of FIDAF Andrea Sonnino, the President of the Chamber of Commerce 
Venezia Giulia, Antonio Paoletti, the President Shangai Investiment, Xue Feng and the President of the European 
Coordination on Nutrition and Health, Antonio Pepe.
The central theme of the discussion was the Lifestyle intended as a great engine for the economic and cultural restart,
 especially if declined towards catering, sports activities, performing arts, wellness services and retail.

For the Micromegas event, in addition to the digital platform for the dissemination of content and streaming, in 
Italy and China, he also took care of the creation of graphics and elements in motion design, the video contributions
 and their broadcasting, the secretariat. organizational, the contact with the speakers for the definition of their 
interventions and with the sponsors for the construction of the virtual stands.

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Today we will talk about Culture!