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Micromegas and Comin & Partners. BeLong – We all belong to the same world. Rome, March 14, 2022

Every day the word "sustainability" surrounds our lives; articles, TV reports and the large 
generalist audience of social media talk about sustainability.

“Belong - We all belong to the same world” is a podcast created by Comin & Partners and 
Micromegas that intends to tell all the nuances of sustainability.

A container of stories, conversations and interviews carried out by Elena Di Giovanni, 
Co - founder and Vice President of Comin & Partners, in a constant dialogue between 
different experiences and perspectives.

In each episode we will meet a different interlocutor from the world of professions, 
business, information, to understand together how current issues are intertwined 
with those of the economy and society. Gender equality, sustainability, culture 
and green mobility: many ideas to go faster, but always in the right direction.
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