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Intesa Sanpaolo, “Intesa Sanpaolo’s social and cultural commitment for Italy”. Milan, January 28th 2019

Intesa Sanpaolo organizes the event “Intesa Sanpaolo’s social and cultural commitment for Italy” concerning society, environment, culture and attention to young people. In order to think about these topics, collect different proposals and start new activities, Intesa Sanpaolo Group held in Milan this meeting, at the initiative of the Managing Director Carlo Messina. Several stakeholders from the economic, cultural and third sector took part in this meeting. Guests attended several roundtables, fueling the discussion in the different fields identified by the bank. Gian Maria Gros-Pietro, Intesa Sanpaolo Chairman, Rob Kapito, BlackRock Chairman, Vincenzo Boccia, Confindustria Chairman, Carlo Messina and Giovanni Bazoli, Chairman Emeritus have given their precious contribution to the discussion.

Micromegas takes care of event venue, scenery set-up, audiovisual services, direction, photo shooting, organizing secretariat and event reception service.