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Mediterranean Review – the Blue Civilization, “The State does not go into reserve. First Prize Antonio Catricalà “. San Felice Circeo, July 24, 2021

On 24 July in San Felice Circeo the fifth evening of the Mediterranean review took place - the Blue Civilization promoted 
by the Amor per Circeo association in collaboration with the European Commission, Micromegas and Titanus.

The meeting entitled "The State does not go into reserve, Antonio Catricalà First Prize", conducted by the Deputy Director
 of TG La7 Andrea Pancani was an evening to remember the great jurist who passed away.

Among the guests Diana Agosti Catricalà, Giuseppe Chinè - Head of Cabinet of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, Franco 
Gabrielli - Undersecretary to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and Delegated Authority for the security of the 
Republic, Paolo Righi - Honorary President Auxilia Finance, Roberto Sommella - Milan Finance Director.

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