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“Torneo del Cuore in Rosa”, Genoa, Saturday 6th October

Micromegas takes part in an initiative organized by USD Rivarolese in support of the association “Associazione Gaslini Onlus”.
A day of sport and solidarity in order to raise money and to support the Istituto Giannina Gaslini for the purpose of improving the assistance to the families involved in the Morandi bridge collapse.

Claudio Andrea Gemme (President of the association Associazione Gaslini Onlus), Pietro Pongiglione (President of the Institute G. Gaslini), Sonia Viale (Vicepresident of the Region Liguria and Health and Social Politics Councillor) and Lilli Lauro (Councillor of the Region Liguria and the town Genoa) will attend the event.